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Hi. I’m a retired Detroit suburbanite whose passion is writing fiction. I’ve just completed my first self-published book – a tongue-in-cheek action thriller titled “SCREAM CRUISE – A Motor City Thriller.”  You can check out the ebook or print versions at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Apple iBookstore, the Sony ebookstore, and also at Smashwords.com.  .

I have a number of intentions for this blog.  The first and foremost is – surprise! – to shamelessly plug my books. Another is to share information about my various likes and dislikes – books, art, and music, mostly. I also plan to write about the writing projects I’m currently working on. Finally, I plan to share with other aspiring writers what I’ve learned (and am still learning) about writing and self-publishing fiction in this amazing new era we’re in.



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  1. Lona Marie Hart Diviisi Doba

    I’m a little more than verklempt (spelling & translation?) at you because the last time we spoke I believe I asked (ordered) you to let me know if you published so I could get a copy and read it. Now while I am extremely proud of my friend from back in the day for achieving his goal, I really think I’m insulted I never got said notification. By the way I would have recognized you in the picture of you at work anywhere. It’s how I remember you (us) right down to the all black ensemble (it’s a black and white print so who can be sure), complete with cigarette dangling from your lips, and twitching violently. I have a copy which I’m currently reading. I ordered the paperback. So far so good. My daughter liked you when she met you and ordered a copy for her kindle. She has provided me with a beautiful little grand daughter, Scarlett.l. She had to get a copy for her kindle so she would actually be able to read it what with a job, a baby, school, two step children, husband. (so take it as a compliment she wants to read it). If you ask me nicely I’ll allow you to autograph my copy down the road. My daughter also wishes you well in your writing career. She’s always wanted to be a writer (don’t worry, no manuscripts coming your way). You better let me know if you’re publishing again. I have a long memory (well I used to) and I’m not afraid to use it in some evil way. Good job Jim! I’m really happy for you and proud to be able to say I knew you when.

    Lona Marie
    (subliminal woman)
    Schatz, etc.

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