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Purpose of This Blog

A quick intro:

I’m a 65-year-old midwestern white guy, recently retired (not exactly by choice) from a 25-year-long stint as a computer and network engineer, who’s looking to develop a new career as a fiction writer.

To date, I’ve written two full-length crappy novels.  The first one – “Ansel & Greta” – was written more than a decade ago.  I wrote the second – “Scream Cruise” – this summer.  I also have another three novel projects in various states of completion, from still-in-the- brainstorming phase to 400 pages of draft text.

After completing my first draft of “Scream Cruise,” I found myself in the position of not knowing how to edit and revise it.  I felt that a lot of the book worked pretty well, but could tell that other areas needed fixing.  However, I really had no idea how to go about doing the repair work.

Which bring us to…

The Purpose of This Blog

My intention is to use this blog for

  1. Chronicling my journey to becoming a successful fiction writer.
  2. Clarifying what I’m learning (or at least think I’m learning) about the fiction-writing and editing process.
  3. Building up my discipline at writing daily.
  4. Spilling my guts about how the whole process feels at any given time.
  5. Developing a more effective writerly voice.  (In case you haven’t noticed, my “style” is abysmally pedestrian.)
  6. Sharing whatever I learn with you.

Okay – that does it for today.  One thing I am NOT going to do is allow this blog to become a productivity-sucking time-sink.  We’ve all got FaceBook for that…









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