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Some Music I Like

Just thought I’d use this page to share a few YouTube links to some of the music I like. I’ve tried to pick videos that were visually interesting and that had good audio quality. Please note that it’s oriented heavily toward the electronic and may not be your cup of audial tea.

The Golden Way ~ David Sylvian

Lanzarote ~ Speedy J

Wind ~ Circus Maximus (Bob Bruno)

Thing In A Book ~ Underworld

Darkest Dreaming ~ David Sylvian

La Femme D’Argent ~ Air

The First Day ~ David Sylvian

I Wanna Be Your Dog ~ Joan Jett

Isolation ~ Joy Division

Where’s Your Gravity? ~ David Sylvian

The Only Daughter ~ David Sylvian

Meister Petz ~ Peace Orchestra

Big Time Sensuality ~ Bjork

Scatterheart ~ Bjork

Leave Me Alone ~ New Order

Evening Star ~ Fripp & Eno

In My Time Of Dying ~ The Be Good Tanyas

I’ll Come Running ~ Brian Eno

Over And Out ~ System 7

Everything Merges With The Night ~ Brian Eno

Talking About A Revolution ~ Tracy Chapman

Tomorrow Never Knows ~ Beatles

Map Ref. 41N 93W ~ Wire

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